Sunday, December 16, 2007

How well do you know Christmas?

My results from this quiz:

Total score:  207 points.  I answered 70% of the questions correctly.

How well do you know Christmas?

Thanks Gene

Here’s another quiz about Christmas Carols.



Anonymous said...

How did that happen? I had 222 points and scored only 60%. Did mess up somewhere... wait, they calculated it, not me lol.

Jonco said...

The questions are graded by a point value depending on how many people got it right. I think the harder the question the more points it gives when you answer it correctly.

WooHoo said...

249 - 70%

Anonymous said...

eh I got about 40% right... I guess 60% of me doesn't

Miss Cellania said...

367 points! The only one above me on the top scorers list was a guy named Ho Ho Ho.

Jenny said...

Woohoo! Total Score: 305- 90%