Monday, December 17, 2007

New style car key

Charger key (Small)At least it’s new to me.  The rental car I have… a 2008 Dodge Charger has a new style ignition key.  You stick it in like a normal key and it sends an electronic signal to the car telling it he key matches the ignition and will allow the car to start.  

My Harley has something similar.  It has a fob that just stays in my pocket.  The bike will start up and run as long as the fob is within eleven feet of the bike.   I like this feature, but am a little concerned that it might start up when I’m at home and accidentally leave without the fob in my pocket.  My understanding is that it’ll run until I shut the engine off.  There is an emergency way to start it with out the fob, but when reading manual it seemed pretty complicated and involved entering the bike’s serial number into the radio keypad or something like that.

I know Cadillacs have a similar keyless ignition system.


Anonymous said...

sounds good until you spill coffee on it before your daily commute to work. lol

Anonymous said...

We had a bad experience with the key fob for a Harley on one of our rides this year. We stopped and got gas and my friend laid the fob on top of the pump instead of putting it back in his pocket. The bike started while we were right beside the pump (within range of the fob). It wasn't until we were an hour down the road and stopped again that it wouldn't start anymore and now the alarm was set. Each time we tried to start it the bike thought we were trying to steal it and shut down everything on the bike. After several hours of talking to different dealerships going through the codes and processes we finally got the system figured out. My friend hid the extra fob on the bike now so that doesn't happen again.

Dan said...

On all the old big twins, the key was just used to lock the ignition switch. You didn't leave the key in the bike, in fact you didn't have to lock it up at all.

When I bought my '78 FLH, it didn't have a key at all. I took it to a locksmith who made me a key. The blank he used read "Briggs and Stratton". So my Harley key looked more like a lawn mower key.

Not that the key was much use, a good crank with a screwdriver and wrench would break the locking pin to free the ignition switch.

Positive physical control is critical to continued ownership of a Harley.

Anonymous said...

Keep your spare key in your riding jacket, especially if going on a long trip.

On my Harley, you need the key to open the fuel door, so you'll miss the fob the first time you stop for gas.

Anonymous said...

first mistake was buying a