Saturday, January 12, 2008

Disabled dogs get rolling

Chihuahuaeh7Three Chihuahua puppies, born without front legs due to a genetic defect, now have what the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington NY calls "front-wheel drive."

The trio, Venus, Carmen and Pablo, rescued by the League from a Virginia shelter, were equipped with two-wheeled carts that give them mobility, the shelter said in a news release Thursday.

"The three have been practicing getting about and eating using their new, custom-built, aluminum carts," the shelter said. The carts are fastened to the dogs with "Velcro-held polar fleece padding for comfortable body support and lightweight foam wheels."

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Anonymous said...

What they are able to do to get dogs "up on their feet" so to speak, is amazing. And anyone that has the patience and heart to care for them is tops in my book.

But some of the breeding to produce the features some people call "attractive" causes defects and other problems in dogs. Those practices should be outlawed. Unitentional breeding (not getting your dog fixed) is just as wreckless.

Spay or nueter your dog unless you are a dog breeder and I don't mean a puppy mill. Don't breed any dog not worthy of breeding (get hips, elbows, eye, etc certified before breeding).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Whoever bred these dogs in the first place should be ashamed. In fact, they should have been culled.

I understand wanting to help these little guys, but there are so many healthy dogs dying as they wait for homes that it seems a bit perverse to put so much effort into rehabbing certain animals.

And the North Shore Animal League doesn't give a crap about animals. They are just raking in money, hand over fist. It is all about numbers for them. Anyone who supports them should take a good long look at their financials and policies before doing so. Give to your local, worthy shelters instead.

Anonymous said...

And volunteer at your local shelter, too. You'll be helping the animals and making a bigger difference than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

And don't donate to PETA as they kill thousands of animals each year.