Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two really good picture sites

One of my favoritre sites to visit is Pizdaus.  It has some of the most beautiful and interesting pictures on it.  And it’s being constantly updated.  I only use a few pictures from the site for Bits & Pieces (usually the funnier ones), but I try to visit it every day and am continually amazed at the breathtaking photograpy I find there.   If you’ve never been there I highly recommend it.

Another similar sight I’ve found is Flickriver.  It is like a flowing river or stream of amazing photos posted on Flikr.   You can sort by any subject too.  I’m sure there are more sites like these.. or even better, but I just wanted to pass these two onto you.



Cooper Green said...

We have identical tastes, Jonco, those are the only two photo sites I have bookmarked, and I go to both several times a day.

Gotinha said...

I discovered Pizdaus thanks to you. It's really great. And I've become one of the Top Users.