Monday, January 07, 2008

I've been "tagged"

I’ve been “tagged” by The Man at Small Bits & Pieces (Gee, what an interesting name)

Here are the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

I always wondered what I’d write about if I were “tagged” like this.  I never figured that out…so here goes.

Seven random facts about myself:

  1. I’m left-handed  (The right half of the brain controls the left half of the body. This means that only left handed people are in their right mind.)

  2. I built my fist computer from a kit in 1976 ($400)… soldering all the little resistors and everything.  It was a SWTP (Southwest Technical Products Corporation) 6800 with 8k of memory and Basic programming language on cassette.  I really had no idea what I was doing.  From that I moved on up to an Apple II.  Many of my friends think I’m a computer whiz… boy are they mistaken.

  3. I’m allergic to onions.  You don’t want to be around me when I accidentally eat some.    I used to be able to eat onions and couldn’t eat chocolate… but that just reversed one day.  Now chocolate doesn’t bother me…though I can’t eat a lot of it.  It’s just too rich for me.

  4. I have a slight case of Paruresis   (Look it up)

  5. Favorite movie of all time was Blazing Saddles… with Airplane a close second.

  6. I’ve been diagnosed with DJD (Degenreative Joint Disease), though you’d never know it.  Even I don’t know it most of the time.  (“Drugs are gooood!”)

  7. The person I admire most is my brother Paul.  He’s three years older than I am and has taught me a lot about how to deal with things in this crazy life.  I only aspire to be half the man he is.  If I make that, then I’ll be satisfied.

And one bonus fact about me:
          My goal in life is to live forever.  So far… so good.

Seven people to tag…… hmmmmmm… how about….

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Anonymous said...

number 4.... ME TOO. urinals dont work for me...i go with the stall all the time...

Half-Redneck said...

I personally go with the stall all the time myself too. Blazing Saddles is one of my all-time favorites too. I'm always yelling, What in the wide, wide world of sports is a goin' on here? I hired you people to get a little track laid, not to dance around like...well, you know the rest.

Thanks for the tag, Jonco.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully all you Paruresis people will put the seat up before you pee. My experience in public stalls says most people don't.

F**king slobs!

Joanne Casey said...

What happens when you eat an onion?

Jonco said...

Since you asked.... The symptoms I have are stomach cramps, bloating, and sudden bouts of diarrhea which can last a few hours. It's probably more of a food intolerance than an allergy. And I believe it's the juice in the onion that bothers me, because I am ok with dehydrated onion in some foods. I can eat onion rings that are snack foods (in bags like potato chips) too. But if I order a hamburger and they lay a slice of onion on top of the lettuce and tomato, I can't just take it off and eat the lettuce and tomato because the juice is still on it. I can taste it and it's not very nice to me afterwards.
Now, aren't you glad you asked?

Joanne Casey said...

Oh that's not nice :-( Maybe it would help if you lined your stomach with chocolate first, hehe!

Alice said...

okay fella - how the heck do I tag someone?

Jonco said...

Like the instructions say: "Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog."
That means that you pick seven people (who have blogs) and list them in your post, with a link to their blogs. Then you either email them (if you can find their email address) or leave a link to your "tagging" post as a comment on their blog. Happy Tagging!

Miss Cellania said...

No problem, since I did that last summer.