Monday, January 14, 2008

It's good to be acknowledged...

Xl2007bible_smOver at, Excel author extraordinaire, John Walkenbach has posted what is the longest Acknowledgemnt section of any book…. his Excel 2007 Bible.  If you’re into Excel, or want to learn Excel, this guy is your teacher.   He has written several outstanding books on this spreadsheet program.  

But the Excel 2007 Bible…. It is a great book in it’s own right, but it’s even better with it’s loooong Acknowledgment section.  Yours truly appears in the book (in that section) which would have been pretty much impossible to complete without my assistance.  John is too modest to say that, but we all know we helped him greatly in this endeavor. 

You can click here then click on the “go for it” link to see the Acknowlegment section.  (It will open a PDF file.) 
My special “Acknowledgment” is on the 4th page in the 7th paragraph.  It really is there.

P.S.  If you do go to that trouble… you really do need to get out more.

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Miss Cellania said...

Waddaya know, I'm there on page two! He thanked me for "being so miscellaneous."