Sunday, January 13, 2008

Problem solved

Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use….. The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants!

That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down…..

Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the Border….

When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq …

Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military…..

Give him a soldier’s pay while he’s there and tax him on it…..

After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country……

He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot… …

This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better life for themselves…..

If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen, rifle or ammo…..

Problem solved…..



Anonymous said...

Latinos are welcome to die for "our" cause. They can be paid for their service, but it does not guarantee them citizenship in any way. I believe the first US combat fatality in Iraq was a Guatemalan by the name of Guttieriez in Falluja.

Anonymous said...

I kinda like that idea...............

Anonymous said...

This is a fucking bad joke, how the Hell can you post something like this Jonco?

I've been a fan of this site for years but never have I thought that American people had integrated these idea's and thought they were funny or cool enough to post.

My god, I must have misread your intention Jonco. This is sick.

'Nepsquare, The Netherlands.

Jonco said...

I think you're subconsciously not reading the word "illegal" in reference to the immigrants. We are a land of immigrants...but there are rules to follow to come to America.

Anonymous said...

I feel that if I would reply on this that I would throw more fuel on the fire myself...and thus create a flame that will attract people who's opinions would only attract more hate.

I love the American people as much as I love any other human being, call them illegal or not.

So, in prospect of keeping this site clean of political statements and racial comment, I just keep on blogging with you all until we have found what our bigger purpose is.

And especially who's keeping us from that.

Love all,


PS: Jonco, I'll send you my original reply in a small e0mail if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lets pull all the illegals out of the factories, of construction sites, and out of the fields and where ever else they may be "hiding" and send them to fight in Iraq. After all they are criminals breaking the laws of our country. But lets keep all the child molesters, drug dealers and users, rapist and murderers right here at home where they're safe. BTW, I got my citizenship (guaranteed) by serving 3 years in the Army in the early 90s. We are not looking for hand outs just opportunities. If we had the money or education to do it legally we wouldn't need to come to the US.

Unknown said...

Really? Even as a joke, people actually think 11 million illegal immigrants are driving? And that gas prices are up because of them? Bush gives an order to cut down on gas but never to cut down in invasions that really REALLY suck up money? Train illegals to become paid killers for your administration because you are afraid of losing that gardener job you always dreamed of? You gringos need to get your priorities in order. Shame on you Jonco, this blog is nice for funny pics, leave your xenophobia out.
Yeah, I know, I can always leave if I don't like it. The "America, Love it or Leave it" bumper sticker messed up your minds. :Þ

Anonymous said...

This "joke", if that's what it is, is in poor taste. I have nothing against Latinos, and will treat them with respect, but it is troubling that these are people who would rather abandon their homelands than solve their own problems. What will they do when America needs help?

Anonymous said...

Well, before I even started to mail, more people have appeared with backward thinking. So in all respect which you (not Jonco) give others I will talk more un your league of "sense".


Yeah sorry Jonco, I realized I was getting too political about this, so I decided not to post this on your blog.

I don't refer to "you" in my post as you in personal of course, I had the people in mind who think these jokes are funny and blame everything on classes lower than on their own. This is not the American way, right?

Here we go, please bare with me...


I don't want to offend you, but does that really matter if they are illegal or not? Are we that elite?

A funny joke would be placing that many lawyers to war.. But even that can appear offensive, in a court of law

These people's countries have been saturated with American products and waste, wrecking their monetary system and enviroment, they just happen to follow you back. They haven't rocked the balance, your "business" did!!

I'm not saying that I condone sneaking into a country and live the hell out of it, but I understand that people do it to have a better future for their families, just like the original immigrants.

Humor, amongst other things, helps accepting what happens around us. But in this case it's used to make these people look like crap, to clean up your government's own crap which it leaves behind on the planet. And it appears it's funny for your readers.

Don't you see you are throwing more fuel on the fire? Blaming "illegal" immigrants and instead stop being treated by your own government like a controllable herd.

An "illegal" immigrant is more likely to save you vulontarily from a burning building than your own government.

C'mon, why do you think America has a problem in the first place?
Not because of your own citizens, and definetly not because of your "illegal" immigrants.
Who made gas and oil so important for you? You never knew "problem" existed before they told you.

Realize that you are put against eachother, and imho the "illegal" immigrants are the most humane thing to happen to your country lately.

I'd rather have 1000 "illegal" immigrants who want to make a future than 1 active terrorist on this planet. If not love, shift the hate.

Sorry I lost my point, but so has the idea of the joke.

Sad to see these comments, as I hoped these thoughts weren't general American thinking.


Anonymous said...

If you had an endless wave of people coming into your country who salute a different flag and have no interest in your culture or language, you would be concerned too.

I don't think this is true, but this is the misconception held by alot of US whites. The flames are fanned by true xenophobes/racists. Most of us can see the bullshit for what it is. In reality, usually it takes about 3 generations for immigrants to identify as 100% American, no matter where they are from.

Take a look at how Mexico treats its illegal immigrants before you trot out the old "America is always evil" line again. We're sick of hearing it because we know it's not true. I don't know how they do it in Europe, but I'm guessing they have immigrant labor laws and enforce them.

The vast majority of us recognize how good the Latinos are for our country and welcome them in. I've been saying for years that no one will make you look worse on the job than a Mexican (where the "lazy" stereotype came from is a mystery to me).

But that doesn't mean it's ok for some of them to break our laws. All discussions of this subject should start with the line, "America has the right to enforce it's laws and borders".

I have friends from Asia who waited in line for 10 years to come in legally. Why should Latinos get a free pass? That's not to single them out; that's to even the playing field.

The "joke" about sending them to Iraq is offensive. Snicker, snicker, ha ha, they could die! Snicker. Not funny.

Anyway, sorry to go all political in your comments Jonco.

Anonymous said...

Great come back Jonco, ...instead of fleecing America and it's system, let them pay the piper, or Uncle Sam like every other American has to make this Country Great!!! This Country is a Melting Pot of people, but this under the table fleecing that goes on, only raises health care etc. It is like trying to blend Water and Oil, there is no blend....

Or Melting going on. It's destroying America and our way of life that We Worked So Hard to Create and Support.
If they wanted to Melt in with the Melting pot, let them pay taxes and for God sakes learn English.

Anonymous said...

This joke was hilarious and true! Before anyone accuses me of being a "xenophobe" and whatever names you want to call me as if that is going to cower me into your way of thinking, just know that I have lived in Latin America and speak fluent Spanish. When I go to those countries, I do it legally, wait in line while they toy with you as if you don't have anything else to do, and then expect you to bribe them to get just simple paperwork. Also, when I go into the grocery story or anywhere else, I don't see signs written in Spanish and English. They are in Spanish because I am in a Spanish-speaking country. The same needs to be applied here in the US. What moron came up with this idea of putting things in two languages? I think it is more of an offense to Latinos as if they couldn't learn English.

Finally, for my little friend Nepsquare, your lovely immigration policies in Europe are nothing to be modeled after. In fact, we Yanks usually try to learn from your blunders and at times, save your butts from them. Otherwise, you would be speaking German right now. But alas, the modern epic is how you will be reading the Koran, praying five times a day, and going to the mosque because you will all be muslim soon!

Song for Today said...
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Anonymous said...

How can 11 Million "Illegal" Inmigrants use "OUR" Gas when they can even get a "LICENSE" to drive? BTW where is "OUR" gas coming from, Venezuela?

Anonymous said...

sagajim... how can you breath air when you sleep... answer is you do, same with driving without a licence etc. they do...along with they can buy cars with cash, because they don't pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

I'll reply to your message at the end of mine...this below is meant for the xenophobes/racists you referred to.

Off topic:

You must have endless waves of immigrants at your doorstep every day, or do you just watch the news?

C'mon, your "business" policy has taken resources from every country around you and not even mentioning most countries beyond Europe, for years. Don't be surprised that these countries are under-developed and people start leaving for a better tomorrow.

The thing is, like every American little doggie, is that CIA/US Government put some asshole to run that country (funding his campaign of military) and this person enforces laws in which always seem to be positive for the elite in that country and big brother America and not so dandy for it's citizens. I can give you examples on request. Oh yeah, I bet you can get a Coca Cola or a Pepsi in any of those countries within 10mins of walking.

Surely you must know this is true: American Government used to be scared shitless of communists and the likes, they made pretty sure Latin America wouldn't start opposing North American ideals and resource hungry companies. Only Fidel Castro (Who is source of all evil according to your media) had withstood that pressure for years. In which country has the worst

I'm not saying you are wrong or Fidel is right. I'm just saying the immigrants that come to your country had a whole shit-rain of things happening to them before they showed up at your borders.

Sure, we have policies and rules, just like all the other countries on the planet. But are you not aware that your country in particular attracts these amazing hoards of people? Don't you start to think that something seems wrong about that?


Well anyway, to answer some of your questions:

-True, I would be concerned, but it would make me think WHY they appear on my borders. It will also make me wonder why this is happening only in America, and not in Europe. Because when I look around me: Eastern Europe didn’t plunder our lands nor did Middle-Asia.

-I'm not saying "America is always evil", I’m just pointing out your Government has done shit to other countries, which you as the people weren’t so much aware about before 9/11. These people who are responsible --if they don’t hide behind companies or politics-- have either retired or are long dead and gone. I have specifically been very anal about mentioning the American people, which I don’t and can’t blame. I love you as much as your hated immigrants or my own neighbors. Evil doesn’t exist anyway.

-Oh well, it’s a first I read anywhere on the internet that America models anything after European policies… This is news to me. But then again, thinking that Europe is an unity is as much humorous.

Sadly, comparing the two was my mistake, but it wasn’t my point. I meant to show you parallels, in which you could acquire some knowledge about the world, unbiased if you will. I totally agree that my knowledge of American history is limited but I don’t base anything on what media or popular belief depicts.

Good luck to you all!

-I really hope Latin American Immigrants will be treated with more respect in future, cause the tone of this thread and it’s original post makes me think twice what your belief on “nationality” and “patriotism” really means.

Fare well, Love all,


Anonymous said...

I'm Cherokee, so all of you are illegal immigrants to me.

Anonymous said...

True indeed..

Anonymous said...

fuck man, you should go to other country, and see why all the world hate your country, just for smart comments like this.

Stop waste gas, you are fucking killing the planet for oil, fuckers, and the solution is to send to war the people who have nothing in the planet?

this is probably the fascist thing I ever read.

I feel sorry for you and the people who think is a great idea. you never have to see people dying of hungry. lucky you

your country eventually is gonna die, I hope with all my heart that you live enough to see it

I write you in english, coz I know that you ( like the rest of the people in your country) cant speak anything else