Monday, November 26, 2007

How Gas Prices Work

Howstuffworks has a great article describing how gas prices work. Some interesting things in there.

Most expensive per gallon:
London, UK: $6.65
Paris, France: $6.62
Copenhagen, Denmark: $6.51
Oslo, Norway: $6.48
Berlin, Germany: $6.42

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Also, did you know that less that 20% of the oil we use comes from the Middle East?

Where in the World Does Our Oil Come From?

About three-quarters of the oil used in the United States comes from outside the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. That’s due to large North American producers like the U.S. itself, Canada and Mexico. The U.S. is among the world’s leaders in oil production.

Almost 40% of the oil we consume is produced here at home, primarily in Texas, Alaska, California, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

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aproposofnothing said...


Anonymous said...

The news media makes it sound like all our oil comes from the middle east.

Anonymous said...

Baaaahhh Baahh Baaahhh...

WooHoo said...

No wonder the government has not discouraged the use of large gas guzzling SUV. It would hurt the US oil companies.

Where does Bush come from again? Oh, that's right, TEXAS!

Quentin said...

I live in France, the more expensive, on motorway, is 1,5€/L
that makes 8,55$/gallon !!!

in other stations in suburb it's around 7,4$/gal

Anonymous said...

Most of us in the UK do a lot of walking.

Anna said...

Actually, most of the US's oil comes from here in Canada.

The States does all the refining, and sells it back to us at double what we sold it for.

Hey-- we're a country who started business based on selling furry rodent hats. At least we're cute.

muttleyh, UK said...

I can't believe that you're all complaining about having to pay about, the equivalent of 85p a gallon for petrol in the US, here in the UK that would be classed as a fantastic price per LITRE!!! Our government is too greedy for their own good, especially as they have a 60% cut out of all fuel sales for tax and duty. The money never seems to be returned to the transport infra-structure either, so we end up having shitty, potholed roads, poor quality pavements and low grade road repairs that break up again after an incredibly short time.
Let's just say, whenever I fill my car right up from empty, Mr Brown ends up getting from my pocket a further £42.25, now multiply that by the number of Ford Mondeo's alone, you can imagine that the "Fat Cats" are getting fatter, whilst us in the driving seat have to look to see if we can even make it into work for another day, to buy another few days worth of petrol.

Seething Wells said...

I'm also in the UK where our Imperial gallons are equal to 4.54 litres. Diesel is now £1.07 ($2.20) a litre - just about $10 a gallon.
Mind you, I live in the South West of England, which is well-endowed with water, yet my annual water 'rate' (bill) for a modest two-bedroom house is $2000! Household gas and electric prices have nearly trebled in the last two years.
An average (and I do mean average) house around here now costs nearly $500,000 and half as much again in the London area.
Don't expect Gordon Brown (who?) to last long as Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

yet another reason to vote Ron Paul woohoo... he is not a part of the skull and bones as the last ten president have been

Anonymous said...

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