Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick & Dirty IQ test

I think I’m getting dumber as I age.   My IQ was 116 when I was in school….. quite a while back. 

Here are my results of the Quick & Dirty IQ Test

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average
Your General Knowledge is Average















I always thought I was very logical.    Hmmmmm.


Maybe the test should have beeen dirtier.  



WooHoo said...

125 - Amazing, also 11 points lower then from high school.

Jonco said...

"125 - Amazing, also 11 points lower then from high school."
"Then"? Shouldn't that be THAN?
I guess my 105 trumps your 125 in some areas. (Just teasing ya)
Thanks for commenting!

mikelietz said...

I also got about 11 below my last tested score... but even with a 140 my Logic was still "below average"? Methinks it's broken.

Anonymous said...

It is broken. Logical is always "below average" even with all answers correct, tried it.

WooHoo said...

Jonco - I'm very good in mathematics (99th percentile in US back in 1975) and an engineer, so automatically I suck at spelling and grammar. So I guess your 105 does trump my 125.

Then vs. than - had to google it. Here is what I found:

Many people use than when they mean then, and vice versa.
Than, a conjunction, is used to compare things.
Then, an adverb, is used with descriptions of time.

Then, maybe I can keep it straight next time.

Anonymous said...

Jonco, it could be from exhaust, do you follow school busses on your Harley??? they are the worse for carbon monoxide output. Too much carbon monoxide will put holes in your brain. Not to mention mess with your lungs. Which makes you wonder why they get by with it, don't they have any emissions testing done on them???

Miss Cellania said...

I also got 125, with a low logic score. I think they give that to you because it's not logical to take an internet IQ test!

WooHoo said...

Miss Cellania, we've must've gone to different schools together!

Derek Brink said...

...there was nothing dirty about that at all.

Jonco said...

Anonymous #2,
I guess I have ridden behind school busses... or any busses for that matter. Regular city buses put out quite a mess too. Heck, I remember riding my bike behind the mosquito fogger truck as a kid. We rode for blocks in that insecticide fog. I'm surprised I'm alive today. But..... no mosquitos are bothering me.