Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to start each day with a positive outlook

  1. Open a "new file" in your computer.

  2. Name it, "Hillary Rodham Clinton."

  3. Send it to the "trash."

  4. Empty the "trash."

  5. Your computer will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid of "Hillary Rodham Clinton?"

  6. Firmly, Click "Yes."

  7. Feel better?

  Next week we'll do Rudy Guliani

Thanks Gene


Gene said...

I noticed one little change....I guess you dislike Rudy more than Nancy!!!!

Jon said...

I just wanted to keep it as non-one-sided as possible. Wouldn't want it to be called favoritism for either side. I'm an equal opportunity offender.

Gene said...

I totally agree

Anonymous said...

vote for Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

That's a wasted vote.Oprah would get more write in votes than Paul

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is going to save this country.
Throw her out, and you'll throw out our last chance for justice in this country.

Anonymous said...

it's a secret society, which most government operates under, that has a New World Order agenda behind it. Here are three websites to look at, along with you should look it up for your self, this is not BS.

GW Bush and his father both members to clubs that have ties to Hitler.

Key words to look up are: Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove.

Ron Paul is not a member while Clintons, John Kerry and most running for office are. Look up Ron Paul and his beliefs which are the same as JFK. Who was not a part of this N.W.O organization. JFK even talked in his speeches about Evil Men Among us. Look it up...