Saturday, December 01, 2007

Why guys can't be friends with a girl who breaks up with them....

An interesting theory….

The McDonalds Anology

No friesI know a girl who broke up with a guy and she told him she wanted to "still be friends."  He said, "No thanks."  She wondered why he couldn't fall back to being just friends after they had a romantic relationship.  I came up with the "McDonalds Analogy" to try and explain it in a simple way that would help all women understand this tough question.

Imagine if you went to McDonalds a lot and ordered a Big Mac Combo meal.  A Big Mac, Large Fries and a Coke.  You really like this meal.  One day, you pull up to the drivethrough and order the Big Mac Combo meal and the girl tells you, "I'm sorry - you can have the Big Mac and the Coke, but you can't get fries with that anymore."  You think about this for a moment, and sure - the Big Mac is the centerpiece of the meal, but McDonalds has some really good fries and you like their fries with your meal.  So you say, "I've been able to get fries with that before, why can't I have fries with my Big Mac combo anymore?"  The girls says, "Well, I just think it is better if you only have the Big Mac and the Coke from here on out."

At this point, a lot of guys are going to go to Wendy's or BK and see if they can get fries with their combo at that drivethrough window.  But there are some guys who REALLY like McDonalds Big Macs and they might think, "If I keep coming here and ordering the Big Mac and Coke, maybe she'll change her mind and give me some fries with that later."  So they will keep on getting the combo without the fries until the deal breaker happens: One day that guy is going to order the Big Mac and Coke and then he's going to pull up a little bit to pay, and someone else is going to pull up to the drivethrough speaker and order the "Big Mac Combo" and he is going to hear the girl say, "Would you like fries with that?"

That's why guys don't like to be friends with a girl who breaks up with them.




littleoslo said...

Anology? Analogy?

Anonymous said...

eh he should have got a happy meal from the hooker... and had all the fries he wanted no question asked.

Anonymous said...

which proves, paying for it there is no emotion.

Anonymous said...

He should stay home,lock himself in the kitchen for 5 minutes, and make his own fries once in a while.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda stupid this comments that are being left here...I'm actually incredibly suprised at how well that explains it...thanks!

Anonymous said...

So what ur saying is: "I want my goddamn fries or I'm out of here". Maybe I should say that phrase once to one of my exes... Wonder if they get it. And if they walk in the kitchen to make me some you can shoot me.

It explains it all, good job.